Sunday, July 21, 2013

Top Ten Smartphones 2013

Smartphones are leading the mobile world with latest trends and styles.The Top ten Smartphones 2013 review is presented here for smartphone fans.Selection of a mobile phone depends upon many factors.In the past,business people were easily identifiable—they carried large briefcases,binder planners and perhaps a brick cell phone.The scene has changed and so has the way we conduct life and business.One of these devices stores important data and documents,Offers a calendar planner,provides instant access to the internet and email and keeps you in touch with clients,coworkers,friends and family – anytime and anywhere.
Below are the criteria for Top Ten Smartphones review used to evaluate these cellular devices.

Size and weight,along with screen size and resolution,make a difference in the display and handling of these devices.

The best business cell phones have at least a 5 megapixel camera with zoom features and the ability to play and record audio and video. These cell phones act as life management devices and include organizational features like calendars and task lists.Most sync with home computers allowing for document viewing and editing.

Call Features & Quality
The foundation of business is communication,and these product's first function is as a cellular phone.These devices for business should include all typical cell phone features including speakerphone,three-way calling,voice dialing,call waiting, etc.

Battery Life & Memory
The most practical products are compact,include good input and display options,and enough battery life to last through a full day’s work and beyond.

Additional Features
Many cellular devices include practical tools like calculators,map applications and GPS.Some have the ability to support third-party or browser-based programs that can perform a variety of specific functions.Third-party apps are becoming a key component,allowing the user to customize their smartphones to support their lifestyles.

According to these features and flexibilities,the ratings for smartphones is as follows.
1.Apple Iphone5
2.Samsung Galaxy SIII
3.Motorola Droid Razr HD
4.LG Optimus G
5.Google Nexus 4
6.HTC one X
7.Samsung Galaxy Note2
8.Sony Xperia TL
9.Motorola Atrix HD
10.T-Mobile Mytouch

This is our rating for Top Ten Smartphones,however your opinion can be different according to your personality and choice.

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