Monday, June 10, 2013

Top Ten Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Every webmaster needs traffic for his Blog or website.Here is a list of "Top Ten Ways To Increase Blog Traffic"for Free.All of these ways to get traffic work very well for blogs and websites.You might have seen a plenty of articles on Free traffic and tips to increase traffic but majority of those ways are not understandable for new bloggers.At the end,a new blogger or webmasters leaves those tricks without getting much from that.So,Finally I am going to discuss "Top Ten Ways To Increase Blog Traffic"here.
1.Disqus Comments.
"Disqus" is an awesome commenting system which comes at first in "Top Ten Ways To Get Blog Traffic"The only thing is that how To use "Disqus"comments for traffic.I will use blogger blog as an example here for better understanding.First of all,You have to "Sign Up" for Disqus.After signing up and getting an account,you have to integrate Disqus to your blog or website.Disqus supports blogger,wordpress,tumblr and many other types of blogs.Add your blog to your disqus account and here you go.Implement Disqus code in your blog.Now try to search for high Page rank websites and blogs which have Disqus commenting system.comment on those blogs and websites.The more websites and blog you comment,the more you have traffic from disqus to your blog or website.

2.Use Of Meta Tags to Get Traffic
"Meta Tags"are very important so far to get traffic.If you know how to add Meta Tags" like Title,Description and keywords you can drive more traffic from search engines.The correct implementation of "Meta Tags"builds a constant traffic source from Google,Yahoo and Bing search engines.Never try to spam by adding stuffed keywords.Use Google Keywords tool to add at least 10-15 Top Keywords that describe your blog or website best.

Blogkeen is also a great source for Blog traffic.Sign Up for blogkeen account and add your blog to blogkeen.After implementation of Blogkeen HTML code to your blog or website,you can see the results in less than a week.Add the same title,description and keywords to your blogkeen account as you have done for your blog or website.I have seen that blogkeen can give thousands of traffic to your blog.

4.Addthis Social sharing.
Addthis Social sharing provides an easy way to share your blog or website posts to Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Myspace, Delicious, Digg and many others.Stumbleupon is the best for social sharing,it gives you an awesome traffic boost.Always share your post through Addthis social sharing to all of these social websites.

5.Website Stats
This is a very tricky method to get traffic.Search for "Website Stats checker" in google and you will get plenty of websites for the subject keyword.Go to as many as possible and check your blog or website stats there.Checking your website stats by you will create a backlink for your blog or website automatically at website stats checker website.This method always works and google indexes those backlinks.when you have many backlinks at stats checker websites,it will boost your traffic.

Building back-links is always important.Most of the webmasters and blog writers today might have a different opinion.After changes in 2012 at Google indexing system and Page rank system,backlinks importance might have decreased,but not at all.Backlinks still matter very much for getting traffic.Make profiles at high PR websites and forums and fill your profile details.Add your blog or website adress in profile where hompage is written.If this will not improve your PR,it will surely give you an option to get traffic at least from that forum or website.

Blog or website comments can also provide a good source of traffic.When somebody leaves a comment on your blog or website,Do not approve the comment publishing with close eyes,Have a look upon comment wording and if the comment is good,always reply to that comment after publishing.Never allow all comments to publish.Low quality blog or website owners may try to leave a comment on your blog or website by adding a link in comment,so be carefull to approve only good comments.Also visit other websites and blogs and leave a good comment.Appreciation comments are usually ignored.Comment in such a way that it doesn't look like getting a link only.

8.Video and Image Websites.
This is a quality method of getting constant traffic.Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Imgur, Photocase and other image and video hosting websites can provide a great amount of traffic.You can easily get most watched videos and images from Google.first download that image or video from a website and then Upload the same on other website.Only you have to change the description field.When you are uploading a video or image to any website,you have an option to add description to your content.Start this description by writing your blog or website address in a meaningful way.and complete the when your video will be watched your description will also be shown.

9.Google Webmasters,Bing webmasters
Google and Bing also provide a facility to Webmasters or blog owners.Sign up for Google or Bing webmasters account and add your blog or website to your webmasters account.Then upload your sitemap.You can use your site feed address as sitemap if you don't know how to create a sitemap.After uploading a sitemap you can feel a boost in traffic after a few days.

10.Writing Unique Content.
Always try to write Unique content for your blog or website.Even if you are trying to copy someone's article,copy it and then re-write it in your own words.Never write a copy article from somewhere else to your Blog or website.It will ruin your blog or website ranking and can take a help to get ideas but write it in your own words and avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.Add keywords at specified areas like the first line or first paragraph,first line of second paragraph and then add an image with the same keyword in Image alt tag.

I think these "Top Ten Ways To Increase Blog Traffic"will help you from start.If you are a new blogger or website owner,you will get huge traffic by following these tips.These tricks will also boost your Page Rank.


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