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Top Ten Sexiest Women 2012

Sexiest Women are not those who take themselves too seriously.It needs a bit more to get in Top Ten sexiest women list.There’s something about a woman who is comfortable enough to be playful,flirty,and not worry that she is risking her reputation.Please don’t confuse playful with silly.Silly women who are clowning for attention are vexing.In fact,one man suggested that playfulness is a great sign of maturity–a woman who loves life and isn’t ashamed to show it.How people rate a woman to be the hottest female?It needs an understanding of body shape,figure and body assets.Below is a list of Top Ten Sexiest women 2012.
Katy Perry turns 28 in 2012!It's been quite a year for Katy.The Hot Katty Perry had nothing but success when it came to her career in 2012.He is here in Top Ten list at No.1 as per sexiest women reviews online.
Miley Cyrus is worth to be listed here.Whatever happened to lil' Miley Cyrus and her cutie country charm?Now daddy's little girl is all grown up—to say the least—and she's a Hottie.Hot Miley Cyrus has a nice curved body which looks awesome in bikini.
Mila Kunis says it's an 'honour''to be crowned the world's most sexiest woman.The 29-year-old actress was voted the 'Sexiest Woman Alive' by America's Esquire magazine and while she says she was very flattered by the accolade,she won't let it go to her head.Mila -who is currently dating Ashton Kutcher -also says she refuses to read anything about herself or look at pictures on the internet.The Hot Mila Kunis is at No.3 as per user reviews here.
Many men treat Megan Fox like she's the hottest thing to walk and simultaneously have two breasts.Luckily,the average Cracked reader knows this is true.Sexiest Megan Fox looks hot in these pics.
Bar Refaeli has taken her lingerie modeling talents to new heights or,in this case,to the North Pole.In the Victoria's Secret model's latest commercial,the 27-year-old Israeli model dressed up as Santa Claus and took to the streets of New York before slowly stripping down to her skivvies.The Hot Bar Berfaeli looks awesome in this photo and included here in Top Ten Sexiest women 2012.
View Jennifer Lopez hot pictures,Jennifer Lopez hot photos and Jennifer Lopez hot images on Hot-Body.US.Share them with your friends on Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest or Google+.Best Known For Jennifer Lopez,a.k.a. J.Lo,is an American actress,singer,record producer,television personality,and fashion designer.
Kate Upton pulled a Kim Kardashian and shared sexy photos from her retro-inspired V Magazine photo shoot from Sunday.The Hot Photos of Kate Upton are here for you.
Anne Hathaway was the talk of the fashion world Thursday after she made a bold choice on the red carpet for the premiere of her new film.The Sexiest Anne Hathaway was hot and dashing.
Andriana Lima deserves for her induction into Sexiest women list.She looks gorgeous in these Hot Photos and rated by reviews of public.Check Andriana Lima hot Photos here.
Emma Watson is sexy,its Sur.when it all started,the "Emma Watson is hot" stuff was pretty creepy.But then the movies kept coming,and she kept getting older.The Hot Emma Watson bikini pics are her for you.
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Top Ten Android Apps This week

Here is a list of Top Ten Android Apps which are Most popular this week.Android is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.Read on for the Top Ten most popular Android apps among your peers from last week.

Last week's most popular app was Black Google,which promises to extend battery life.In theory,this app should consume less power on devices with AMOLED displays,but we can’t say for sure how much it actually helps.The app has better than average reviews,but it hasn’t been updated since May.
If you like to customize your home screen,check out Zooper Widget for an easy way to customize your own stylish widgets.This free tool includes sample templates and custom fonts to get you started,but the possibilities are endless.
Wacom just released a new Android app designed for the Galaxy Note,Note II and Galaxy S III that allows you to sketch notes in a paper-like digital notebook.The early reviews are mixed,but this is only the first release.We expect them to improve the experience.
Also new to Android was Dragon Mobile Assistant from Nuance Communications.This hands free app includes a new Driver Mode that lets you wake up your device by saying “Hi Dragon” and then issue it commands.Early reviews are mixed,but keep in mind this is a beta release.
Crackle continues to be popular as it offers tons of Hollywood movies and TV shows for free.They recently launched a new version that includes a re-designed user interface,support for more devices and the ability to watch content on your TV via HDMI out.
Wrike is an existing project management service that just launched a new Android app.While the app is free to use, it requires a paid Wrike membership.If you are looking for a free alternative to organize things,you might want to explore Trello.It is worth to be included in Top Ten apps list.
Last week’s most popular game was Skyriders,a high-speed racing game with some platform elements thrown in.This title is free to play.I enjoyed it for a couple minutes,but I soon grew bored.It might be fun to play some more, but there was nothing too compelling that makes me want to come back.
Park Me Right helps you find the closest parking lot and your way back to your car by using augmented reality.The app has been out a couple months and it has good reviews,but it is not very well known yet.This might be a good app to have if you live in a large metro area and you are always looking for places to park.
From the creators of Zombie Smash,comes a new game that mixes Zombies and Fruit Ninja.Zombie Swipeout looks like it could be a fun game,but this first release is filled with bugs and sluggish responses.Zynga continues to push out new updates,so expect this one to get better.
I downloaded Royal Revolt after watching the preview video,and I was surprised at how well this game played.It offers a new take on tower offense games,and it had enough gameplay experiences to keep my attention.The game is simple to pick up and play,and the difficulty ramps up as you start to learn all the different play styles and strategies.
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Top Ten Laptops December 2012

Here is a list of Top Ten Laptops December,2012.These are the best laptops as per people reviews.check the list below.
1.Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon–Intro,Design and Connectivity.
Key Features:14in 1600 x 900 matt TN screen;Part carbon-fibre chassis with soft-touch finish;Spill-proof,backlit keyboard; Up to Core i7,8GB RAM,240GB SSD;TPM,Optional 3G,Fingerprint scanner.The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Price is £1,252.00

2.Panasonic Toughbook CF-19–Intro,Design and Build
The Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 is not your average convertible laptop.It’s one you can drop in the mud,drive a car over,clobber whoever is trying to steal it from you over the head with,and generally use in circumstances where most computers would give up the ghost.Fully rugged:weatherproof,dustproof,drop-proof;Convertible laptop/tablet with swivel screen;10.1in 1024 x 768 IPS touchscreen with Wacom stylus;Core i5,4-8GB RAM,up to 500GB HDD or SSD; USB 3.0,3G,ExpressCard,Smartcard,TPM,Fingerprint scanner;Magnesium alloy chassis.The price of Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 is £2,700.00

3.Asus Taichi Design,Connectivity and Usability
Asus Taichi has Twin 1080p IPS screens;Up to Core i7,4GB RAM,256GB HDD;Touch and Stylus support;Windows 8 Pro.Asus has been seriously innovative the last few years,starting off a winning creative streak with the original Asus Eee Pad Transformer which culminated in the Transformer Infinity.The Asus Taichi price is £1,499.00

4.Samsung Series 9 900X3B
The Samsung Series 9 900X3B is the most attractive and premium-feeling 13-inch ultraportable we’ve seen since the 2011 Macbook Air.Have Ultrabooks finally come of age? Well,no,because Samsung doesn’t class the Series 9 900X3B as an Ultrabook,despite it meeting or exceeding every ‘ has 1600 x 900 matt PLS screen;Sandblasted metal unibody chassis;Backlit keyboard;Super slim design.The Price of Samsung Series 9 900X3B is £1,199.00.

5.Retina MacBook Pro –Intro and Design
Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display is the 5th in ranking of Top Ten laptops here.15.4in glass-fronted 2,880 x 1,800 IPS screen;Aluminium unibody chassis,relatively slim and light;Quad-core Core i7 ‘Ivy Bridge’,8GB RAM,768GB SSD;Nvidia GeForce GT 650M with 1GB of RAM;Twin Thunderbolt,USB 3.0,Bluetooth 4.0.The Retina MacBook Pro Price is £1,799.00

6.Asus Transformer Pad 300
Asus Transformer Pad 300 is Able to fulfill many of the basic functions of a netbook but with a better,higher-resolution IPS screen,longer battery life,more rugged build,touch and many other features.And it's a brilliant tablet too.Key Features:10.1in 1280 x 800 IPS screen with Gorilla glass;Tegra 3 quad-core CPU 1.2GHz;1GB of RAM, 32GB storage plus 8GB web-storage;SD,microSD,USB 2,microHDMI;Bluetooth 3.0,Wi-Fi N;Up to 14hrs battery life (with dock).The Asus Transformer Pad 300 Price is £399.99


7.Samsung Series 7 Chronos 700Z5A
They’re beautifully designed,relatively slim slabs of aluminium with matt,higher-than-usual resolution screens surrounded by the thinnest of bezels.The frosted glass touchpads and backlit keyboards are classy additions too.Brushed metal unibody-like chassis;15.6in 1600 x 900 matt display;Core i5-i7,up to 8GB RAM;8GB SSD with 750GB HDD;Radeon HD 6750M 1GB graphics.The Price of Samsung Series 7 Chronos 700Z5A is £946.80.

8.Lenovo ThinkPad X121e
This tank-like 11.6in ultraportable offers more features,versatility and sheer quality than you have any right to expect for its starting price of around £330.Key Features:Soft-touch durable chassis;11.6in 1,366 x 768 matt display;AMD C50.E-350 or Intel Core i3;4GB RAM,320GB 7200rpm HDD;Bluetooth,optional 3G.The review price of Lenovo ThinkPad X121e £510.12.

9.Apple MacBook Air 13-inch
Apple MacBook Air 13-inch has Key Features:13.3in 1440 x 900 TN display;Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5-i7,HD 4000 graphics;4-8GB RAM,128-512GB SSD; White-backlit keyboard;USB 3.0,Thunderbolt,DisplayPort.The Apple MacBook Air Price is £999.00.

10.Samsung 550P7C
A powerful desktop replacement with game-worthy graphics but minus the high price tag.Key Features:17.3in 1600 x 900 matt TN screen;Quad-core core-i7,6GB RAM ;1TB HDD,Blu-ray drive;Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics;Convincing metal-effect plastics.The Samsung 550P7C Price is £735.00

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Top Brain Foods

When it is a matter of Top Ten,Foods can not  be ignored.The Top Brain Foods are here for your must Spend One Day a Week Nourishing Your Brain.The brain occupies a special place in the pantheon biological organs.While it is recognized as absolutely necessary for the regulation and perpetuation of life in all species, the brain is also,almost universally,accepted as the seat of consciousness and identity in humankind.As such,its proper care and maintenance is of considerable interest to physicians,biological scientists and most anyone else who uses one.With the life expectancy of men in the United States now topping 75 years of age and women at 80 plus,a prudent person should consider how to best feed and maintain their most important organ.While there are innumerable afflictions that can damage the brain and diminish one’s ability to interact with the world, there are is a simple and effective way to maintain brain health.


The Big Picture - A Brain Healthy Diet
The brain,as you can imagine,is remarkably adept at fulfilling its own needs on the weakest of diets.When the body is in trouble,the brain will actually divert resources to itself over other organs.With these facts in minds,it is actually quite easy to provide your brain with a maximum of nutrition with a healthy diet in just one day per week.The diet is not particularly strict and is actually quite delicious.Once a week,just eat these few items for breakfast,lunch and dinner with a sweet treat for dessert and your brain will be far healthier and happier.

Breakfast Coffee,Eggs and Some Blueberries
Start with coffee and eggs.The beneficent effects of coffee have been widely documented for over five decades. Aside from the healing powers of the large amounts of  anti-oxidants in it,a Cup o’ Joe also reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s,dementia and many other neurological disorders.Egg yolks-you can skip those tasteless white omelets –are rich in choline,the chemical which most improves memory function.Add some toast with blueberry jam of just finish with a bowl of blueberries and you will have contributed greatly to our continued brain health.As an added bonus,blueberries also help with the rest of your body by diminishing age-related declines in motor function, balance issues and overall coordination.


Lunch;Turkey Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread with Avocado
The pleasures of a roast turkey and the accompanying tryptophan are very well known.In short,there’s nothing like a good nap after a hearty Thanksgiving meal.Even better,the leftovers provide a fantastic brain food when combined with a whole grain bread and some heart healthy avocado.In general,whole grain breads improve  circulation in all parts of the body which is essential for bran health;In addition,they provide omega-fatty acids and a host of brain-healthy vitamins including vitamin E and B12.Both of  these vitamins are renowned for their positive short and long term effects on the brain.

Don’t forget to add the incredibly delicious accompaniment of avocados to your sandwich.This wonderful fruit, though sometimes maligned for its fat content,is actually quite healthy.In particular,it promotes blood flow to the brain and reduces blood pressure.Both of these factors can significantly contribute to a healthy brain.

Dinner Poached Salmon and Broccoli with Blanc Beurre
The dinner portion of the day’s diet includes a classic dish from French haute cuisine;a fish and vegetable dish with a simple beurre blanc sauce.All deep water fish are brain healthy but salmon is especially so as it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for optimum brain function. Eating this fish is so good for you and your brain that experts recommend having it 3-4 times per week.

The broccoli in the dish helps with memory and slows the overall aging process in the brain.In addition,the chemical,sulforaphane,found n high concentrations in broccoli has been shown to aid in the brain healing process. Lastly,broccoli presents a veritable cornucopia of good things for your brain including calcium,vitamins C,B5,B6, B2,betacarotene,phosphorus,folate and iron.While not perfect,it is one of the super foods for keeping your brain in top working order.Beurre blanc is a fantastic,emulsified butter sauce that makes everything taste better.While not specifically good for your brain,it lets you eat far more of these two excellent brain healthy foods.

Dessert Chocolate and Mixed Nuts
Your brain is no dummy.It knows that people are going to cheat on diets so it has cunningly found two great desserts that are also excellent brain foods, chocolate and mixed nuts.Every kind of chocolate is good for the soul and for the brain.The dark variety has a considerable amount of anti-oxidants while the PEA and theobromine in milk chocolate stimulates concentration and improves one’s focus.When you are facing a test or a big presentation,try some chocolate beforehand.

Mixed nuts,specifically peanuts,walnuts and pecans but also other nuts contain plentiful omega-3 fatty for improved overall brain activity while almonds will naturally regulate the neurotransmitters in your brain and allow for a more balanced mood.We hope that these Top Brain foods are Best Brain Foods for you.

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Top Ten Ways To Impress Your Boss

Your impression on your Boss is always important.Here are the Top Ten ways To Impress Your Boss.Using These tricks,you can create a good and lasting impression on your job place and your Boss.Nothing special is needed to represent your personality on Job,Just follow these simple methods of Job and get a nice going.The Top Ten ways to impress your Boss are simple tricks which you can use without any specialty required.Your boss is the person with the greatest potential to improve your work life,since he or she has the most direct control over your day-to-day activities.You can improve your current job (such as being the right-hand man or the guy who gets the best assignments);or 2) You can be transferred into a new,better job.Both of these moves are handled by your boss.Check these Top Ten Ways here.


1.Complete the tasks everyone forgets.
There are little things in every workplace that everybody forgets,from specific work processes that get overlooked to maintenance issues like turning the fans off while leaving.We're not saying you should be the one who cleans up the coffee station every morning,but you can pitch in and take some pride in your work area.Looking for an easy way to implement this?Learn how to unjam the copy machine.Check out the steps online,and next time you head over to the machine and discover that one of your coworkers has thoughtfully jammed it in zones A,B and C without clearing it,you can roll up your sleeves and solve it.It won't take long for this type of etiquette to be noticed.Try to learn things at your own.

2.Take the initiative
According to human engineering,there are 98% of people who are passive in this world with only 2% are active.Always try to touch the active side by taking the initiatives.most people in the workplace don't struggle to get their work done,they struggle for recognition and new challenges.If you see a new project,go after it.If you see something that needs doing,do it.The higher you go in a company,the more you're steering the company,and that means taking risks.Fortune favors the brave.

3.Work hard to help others
Everyone knows that there is incredible value in hard work.But when you work hard to help other people,that value is multiplied.If you make it one of your goals to help others achieve their goals,you’ll go through life being recognized as a great worker,but more importantly,you’ll also be seen as someone who cares about others.This will do wonders for your own attitude and personal satisfaction,but in addition to that,it will cause people to think of you first when they want to work with someone.Your Boss will automatically be impressed by this habit.

4.Speak your mind
If you’re always honest,you shouldn’t have much of a problem speaking your mind when the situation warrants.This doesn’t mean you have to talk all the time (I’m one of the quieter guys in most of my meetings) . . .you have to determine when it’s important to talk,and when it’s okay to stay quiet.But if you’re always honest,people will know that when you do speak,you mean what you say.

5.Have an informed opinion
This is pretty straightforward.Know the state of your division and know the state of the marketplace you work in. Then,develop an opinion about how to improve--realistic ways your team could try something new.Having an opinion is the most common thing in the world in business,but having an informed opinion is depressingly rare.If you take the time to develop a viewpoint,you should also share it when it's appropriate.A great way to share your opinion with your boss?When you're having a one-on-one discussion about something,say these magic words:“I disagree.”Politely and sincerely present the information you have and your interpretation of how your company could act on it.

6.Keep yourself Well Dressed.
You know the old adage,“Dress for the job you want,not the job you have”? No?Well,learn it well.Look at what the boys on the next rung of the ladder are wearing,and dress like that.Even if you're not trying to get promoted,but just want to expand the job you have,dressing well and grooming properly is a nice way to do it.You want to give the impression you're pleased to be at work and take it seriously.Wearing a belt that should have been retired years ago just gives the impression that you don't care.If you're clean-shaven,shave daily.If you have facial hair,keep it groomed.

7.Come in early and leave late
Come in early and leave late formula is always very tricky to impress your boss.It's not about how much time I put in at work,it's about the quality of work I do!”That's a valid point.Quality is more important than quantity. Know what else is completely true? As long as the quality's there,the quantity helps too.Nobody's asking you to stay an extra four hours.In fact,don't do that as it can actually make it look like you're falling behind or not managing your time correctly. Instead,look at it from your Boss's perspective:Two employees are due in at 9 a.m.One arrives at 8:40,the other slides in like clockwork at 8:59.The second employee is at work because he “has to be.”He is following the rule,true,but the boss may well assume that if the rule wasn't there he'd be late every day.The first employee,on the other hand,gives the impression that he's excited to be at work and is there to tackle his goals.Not a bad return on 15 minutes of your time.

8.Keep Your Area clean
This one is a bit of a balancing act.Basically,you want your space to look worked in:not too cluttered,but not totally bare.If you have no paper on your desk, it doesn't look like you're working.But if you have no desk visible under all that paper,it doesn't look like you're working either.Why is your work piling up on you like that? We know,we know,you need all that paper. Well,if the stuff you have out is that important,it's worth having it organized and usable.Put your filing cabinet to work or,if it's really bad,look into getting a document scanner and digitizing your files.Lastly,when you leave work for the day,take 60 seconds to spruce up your area.

9.Always be honest
This is the second foundational element.The most valuable resource you have with others is their trust,and it’s much easier to lose than it is to gain.This is a lesson we’ve all learned from childhood on up,yet we continue to tell lies or half-truths to make ourselves look better in certain situations.Don’t do this.Ever.

10.Care about people
I put this one first because it’s the foundation for everything that comes after.Caring about others is an absolute necessity.If you don’t care about them,and you’re only in this for yourself,people will know.They can spot insincerity a mile away.If you’re labeled as insincere,it won’t matter how much you do for everyone; they’ll always be assuming you have an ulterior motive,and you’re just trying to work an angle to come out on top.The only way any of this will work in the long run is if you are truly interested in seeing other people succeed,and you do your best to help them along the way.These Top Ten Ways To Impress Your Boss are tricks which can help you in getting at the Top of your job.

Top Ten Football Players Ever

When we are exploring the Top Ten world,we can't miss the Top Ten Football players ever.Football has known many great players,however there are only a few that stand out the most.It are these players that are generally seen as the best players ever.This website contains info and footage of these players.The term "football" in this post refers to Soccer,not American Football.There has been much debate over the best footballers and rightly so, considering the sheer amount of players and the vastness of ‘the beautiful game’.It is astonishing how FIFA has more members than the UN.Played simply everywhere,today I would like to introduce this list which will,I expect, gather criticism,but constructive criticism is appreciated as always–so please feel free to speak up.

Diego Maradona (Argentina)
Diego Maradona Diego Maradona winner of the 1986 World Cup and two Italian Championships with Napoli is the number one on our list of best football players ever Maradona almost single handedly won the World Cup with Argentina in 1986.He became most famous for his two goals against England in the quarter finals.

Pele (Brazil)
The king of football" Pelé was a Brazilian football player who scored more than 1000 goals in his career and became 3 times winner of the World Cup with Brazil. He played most of his career at Santos where he won the Copa libertadores and Intercontinental Cup twice.

Zinedine Zidane (France)
Zinedine Zidane was a perfect footballer as per the critics of football sayings.Three times FIFA World Player of the Year and World Cup winner of 1998,Zinedine Zidane was one of the greatest players of the last decade.Zidane most famous of his short first touch of the ball,his ball control and 360 roulette move was a real playmaker.

Lionel Messi (Argentina)
Lionel Andrés "Leo" Messi Cuccittini is an Argentine footballer who plays for La Liga club FC Barcelona and as the captain of the Argentina national team.He has won all the awards in recent years and found UN-matchable being the top goal scorer in all formats.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro Portuguese footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid and is the captain of the Portuguese national team.Ronaldo became the most expensive footballer in history after moving from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a transfer worth £80 million (€93.9 million/$131.6 million).In addition, his contract with Real Madrid, in which he is paid €12 million per year, makes him one of the highest-paid footballers in the world.

We can't short list these football players from the Top Ten football players list here.The remaining Top players list is here.

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Top Ten American Foods

Here is a complete list of top ten American foods.The Top Ten foods used in USA including snacks and other foods are rated according to public opinion.People love their eating habits and some people never want to be disturbed while taking food.That's what we can expect from anybody taking hot snacks.

Hamburgers.Considered a "high risk" food because of the poor health standards under which they are manufactured.The time consuming process for making processed meats creates high bacteria counts and putrefaction of the meat which need to be treated with chemicals.Putrefaction causes meat to turn green which is then dyed with red chemicals to appear fresh.Unless marked otherwise,hamburger will always contain red dyes.

Because burger parts all come from the animal,"pure beef" can be used on the label! Most hamburger contain the flavour enhancer,MSG(monosodium glutamate) which causes headaches,allergic reactions and more.MSG is a chemical  used to fatten up laboratory animals and evidence suggests it will ultimately make you fat when consumed.The beef industry is the largest user of antibiotics in the world to offset the dangerous bacteria housed in its meats.This has resulted in the growing resistance to antibiotics.Ground beef is more likely to harbour life-threatening E-coli than any other food.Hamburgers are the single biggest food item that inflicts the most damage on the American diet"Billions served" billions spent on doctor visits and hospital bills.The hormones fed to cattle can make you fat through meat consumption.A Cheeseburger contains more than 100% of your TOTAL daily recommended fat intake! Burger condiments like pickle,lettuce,tomato,etc.are all treated with cancer causing chemical sulfites that are used to maintain a false freshness in the vegetables.Most burgers contain 1090 mg of sodium!(45% of daily recommended Daily Value) and can promote water retention.

Hot Dogs.Like hamburgers, hot dogs are considered a "high risk" food because of the poor health standards under which they are manufactured.The time consuming process for making processed meats creates high bacteria counts and putrefaction in the meat which need to be treated with chemicals.Putrefaction makes meat turn green which is then dyed with red chemicals to appear fresh.Because hot dog parts all come from the animal,"pure beef" or "100% turkey"can be used on the label!All hot dogs contain the flavour enhancer,MSG (monosodium glutamate) which causes headaches and allergic reactions.MSG is a chemical used to fatten up laboratory animals and will
ultimately make you fat when consumed.Hot dogs have nitrites which are thought to cause stomach cancer,leukemia,brain tumours,and bladder cancer.Fillers and non-meat binders used to hold hot dog meat together can be anything from cereal,non-fat dry milk,or soy which adds more carbohydrates and processed ingredients)Synthetic collagen casings are used to form the hot dogs.Highly carcinogenic.Contains up to 40% of its content in undisclosed saturated fats.

French Fries.French fries are very toxic.In order to make French fries,they must be cooked at high temperatures which cause the chemical,acrylimide to be released.Acrylimides are a known cancer causing agent that also causes nerve damage.Potatoes are grown in the ground and have a higher pesticide absorption level than almost any other food product.  Fries are cooked in oxidized oil that is re-used for weeks at a time!Potatoes have a very high glycemic index meaning it turns to sugar very quickly in the body.Eating a baked potato (or equivalent quantity of French fries) is the sugar equivalent of a large piece of chocolate cake!

Oreo Cookies.Predominantly made up of 23 grams of straight-line sugar.Chocolate is LAST ingredient listed which means chocolate is the least of the ingredients.370 empty calories with almost no nutritional benefits,you could eat 2 whole chicken breasts for the same amount of calories!6 cookies have 12 grams of fat,2.5 grams of saturated fat and 40 carbs,more than 50% of your daily carbohydrate allowance in only 6 cookies.

Pizza.Commercial pizzas are made exclusively of 5 genetically modified foods:Cheese "food" (Contains only 10% cheese-it cannot even be called real cheese) Enriched white flour which has been bleached of natural vitamins and minerals but has been "enriched" by adding back a minuscule amount of synthetic vitamins.Tomato sauce made from tomato-like substances that produce their own pesticides,IN YOU Wheat in the pizza crust is genetically modified.Contains cottonseed oil.Cotton is not a "food",therefore it can be sprayed with anything farmers want.The seed carries most of the poison of the cotton plant.Click Here To Read about Remaining five foods in Top Ten American foods.