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Top Ten Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Every webmaster needs traffic for his Blog or website.Here is a list of "Top Ten Ways To Increase Blog Traffic"for Free.All of these ways to get traffic work very well for blogs and websites.You might have seen a plenty of articles on Free traffic and tips to increase traffic but majority of those ways are not understandable for new bloggers.At the end,a new blogger or webmasters leaves those tricks without getting much from that.So,Finally I am going to discuss "Top Ten Ways To Increase Blog Traffic"here.
1.Disqus Comments.
"Disqus" is an awesome commenting system which comes at first in "Top Ten Ways To Get Blog Traffic"The only thing is that how To use "Disqus"comments for traffic.I will use blogger blog as an example here for better understanding.First of all,You have to "Sign Up" for Disqus.After signing up and getting an account,you have to integrate Disqus to your blog or website.Disqus supports blogger,wordpress,tumblr and many other types of blogs.Add your blog to your disqus account and here you go.Implement Disqus code in your blog.Now try to search for high Page rank websites and blogs which have Disqus commenting system.comment on those blogs and websites.The more websites and blog you comment,the more you have traffic from disqus to your blog or website.

2.Use Of Meta Tags to Get Traffic
"Meta Tags"are very important so far to get traffic.If you know how to add Meta Tags" like Title,Description and keywords you can drive more traffic from search engines.The correct implementation of "Meta Tags"builds a constant traffic source from Google,Yahoo and Bing search engines.Never try to spam by adding stuffed keywords.Use Google Keywords tool to add at least 10-15 Top Keywords that describe your blog or website best.

Blogkeen is also a great source for Blog traffic.Sign Up for blogkeen account and add your blog to blogkeen.After implementation of Blogkeen HTML code to your blog or website,you can see the results in less than a week.Add the same title,description and keywords to your blogkeen account as you have done for your blog or website.I have seen that blogkeen can give thousands of traffic to your blog.

4.Addthis Social sharing.
Addthis Social sharing provides an easy way to share your blog or website posts to Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Myspace, Delicious, Digg and many others.Stumbleupon is the best for social sharing,it gives you an awesome traffic boost.Always share your post through Addthis social sharing to all of these social websites.

5.Website Stats
This is a very tricky method to get traffic.Search for "Website Stats checker" in google and you will get plenty of websites for the subject keyword.Go to as many as possible and check your blog or website stats there.Checking your website stats by you will create a backlink for your blog or website automatically at website stats checker website.This method always works and google indexes those backlinks.when you have many backlinks at stats checker websites,it will boost your traffic.

Building back-links is always important.Most of the webmasters and blog writers today might have a different opinion.After changes in 2012 at Google indexing system and Page rank system,backlinks importance might have decreased,but not at all.Backlinks still matter very much for getting traffic.Make profiles at high PR websites and forums and fill your profile details.Add your blog or website adress in profile where hompage is written.If this will not improve your PR,it will surely give you an option to get traffic at least from that forum or website.

Blog or website comments can also provide a good source of traffic.When somebody leaves a comment on your blog or website,Do not approve the comment publishing with close eyes,Have a look upon comment wording and if the comment is good,always reply to that comment after publishing.Never allow all comments to publish.Low quality blog or website owners may try to leave a comment on your blog or website by adding a link in comment,so be carefull to approve only good comments.Also visit other websites and blogs and leave a good comment.Appreciation comments are usually ignored.Comment in such a way that it doesn't look like getting a link only.

8.Video and Image Websites.
This is a quality method of getting constant traffic.Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Imgur, Photocase and other image and video hosting websites can provide a great amount of traffic.You can easily get most watched videos and images from Google.first download that image or video from a website and then Upload the same on other website.Only you have to change the description field.When you are uploading a video or image to any website,you have an option to add description to your content.Start this description by writing your blog or website address in a meaningful way.and complete the when your video will be watched your description will also be shown.

9.Google Webmasters,Bing webmasters
Google and Bing also provide a facility to Webmasters or blog owners.Sign up for Google or Bing webmasters account and add your blog or website to your webmasters account.Then upload your sitemap.You can use your site feed address as sitemap if you don't know how to create a sitemap.After uploading a sitemap you can feel a boost in traffic after a few days.

10.Writing Unique Content.
Always try to write Unique content for your blog or website.Even if you are trying to copy someone's article,copy it and then re-write it in your own words.Never write a copy article from somewhere else to your Blog or website.It will ruin your blog or website ranking and can take a help to get ideas but write it in your own words and avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.Add keywords at specified areas like the first line or first paragraph,first line of second paragraph and then add an image with the same keyword in Image alt tag.

I think these "Top Ten Ways To Increase Blog Traffic"will help you from start.If you are a new blogger or website owner,you will get huge traffic by following these tips.These tricks will also boost your Page Rank.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Top Ten Naturist Beaches and Resorts

A naturist beach is a beautiful thing for fun,especially if it's next to an all-inclusive naturist beach resort in the country.A clothing-optional trip is the best way for a stress-free vacation if you're a naturist -- or just looking to avoid tan lines.Here the ISLANDS experts present their picks of the Top Ten best naturist beaches,naturist resorts.Here is a list of Top Ten Beaches where you can enjoy the Real Sex Scenes and Real Sex activities around the world.
1.The Terra Cotta Inn
come take your next vacation at the popular Terra Cotta Inn Nude Sunbathing resort and spa located in Palm Springs,California the sunniest city in the US.AOL Travel just selected us in April of 2012 as one of the 10 Best nudist resorts in the world and wrote TCI is "considered one of the best value nudist vacation resorts in the world.
2.Praia do Flamengo Beach (Brazil)
Salvador is one beautiful city in Brazil,beautiful beach,spectacular night shows,Best food and the great live music.Salvador day and night is full of life,so beautiful beach,friendly people,night time shows and attraction.Two hours away from Salvador by boat you find the most spectacular and beautiful island,lots coconuts trees,green emerald waters and lots beach party.IT was the best vacation we have.
3.Haulover Beach,Miami
Miami's only officially sanctioned nude beach is also one of the country's most beautiful.Located off State Route A1A/Collins Avenue,just 10 miles from Miami,stake your space on the sand early in the day,but keep in mind that there's no shade on the frequently patrolled beach.This one gets busy.Hundreds of gorgeous bodies are stretched on the sand on weekends.Find fellow gays north of the North Beach Tunnel.
4.Paradise Beach
This is located in Greece.The hard-partying island of Mykonos inspires Garden of Eden-esque bacchanals—after the fall.Think go-go party in the sand:Lots of hot topless girls shaking their booties at all-day dance parties,but less full-frontal nudity.Round-the-clock beachside cocktails plus strip-club soundtrack equals oceanfront lap dances.
5.Baker Beach,San Francisco
Officially part of the Presidio,Baker Beach is directly under the Golden Gate Bridge,and therefore provides some of the city's best views of the landmark.The north side of the beach,nearest the bridge,is the gayest and the most nude.Fun fact:Baker Beach was the location for the first Burning Man festivals,which are now held in Black Rock Desert,Nev.
6.Wreck Beach Canada
Wreck Beach is a popular clothing-optional beach located in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, which is in turn part of the University Endowment Lands just west of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.Neighboring the University of British Columbia, Canada’s largest swimsuit-optional beach attracts ski bunnies looking to shed their winter layers.
7.Samurai Beach Australia
It sounds like the Wu Tang Clan christened this beach,but the most badass nudist you’re likely to find is some sheila yelling,“A dingo stole my bathing suit bottom!” Erm –please don’t be that dingo.This half-mile, white-sand stretch is famous for its annual picnic day and naked beach Olympics.
8.Hanlan's Point,Toronto
Prior to becoming "officially" clothing optional in 2002, Hanlan's Point Beach was a traditional site for nude sunbathing for decades.The Toronto City Council decision was met with strong opposition from conservative councilors such as Giorgio Mammoliti.It was also an infrequent target of police crackdowns for nude sunbathing.
9.Little Beach Hawaii
If your one complaint about Nike 6.0’s surfer flick Leave A Message was “not enough nudity,” you might have missed the point.However,for a less-subtle plotline more your pace,check out this clothing-optional strip on Maui.Local Hawaiian chicks and the occasional Hollywood starlet give “body surfing” a whole new meaning on this isolated, volcanic beach.
10.Saline Beach, ST Barts
This super-chic island’s most secluded hotspot is where the rich-and-famous come to bare it all away from peeping-tom paparazzi.Something of a class reunion for Victoria’s Secret models past and present:OG Stephanie Seymour vacations nearby,and Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted hanging out here last summer, presumably to tan away those unsightly white lines before shooting the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalogue with colleague Miranda Kerr.

Top Ten Sexiest Movies Ever

The following selection of Sexiest Movies can stand the test of time.We have deliberately left out choices like Basic Instinct,because we feel they are too obvious and already have a sort of dated quality about them.On the other hand,Jane Fonda languishing on furry rugs in Barbarella still tickles us the way it did decades ago,Kathleen Turner in Body Heat still makes us sweat,and Bertolucci’s sublime Last Tango in Paris will never get out from under our skin.So far,these movies are rated as Top Ten Sexiest Movies Ever.
These Sexiest Movies featured some Real Sex Scenes for public.The beautiful and Hottest actresses produced the great scenes in these movies.
Barbarella [Sex Movie]
Barbarella is categorized as a sexiest movie.Aside from watching Jane Fonda frolic in various sexy space-age outfits (and even nude) on her mission to stop the evil Duran-Duran,Roger Vadim’s classic sex-ploitative sci-fi tale really is wildly entertaining.The entire film is pure eye candy,at times verging on tasteful soft-sex.
Last Tango In Paris
This is also a great movie featuring Real Sex.Last Tango in Paris is a 1972 Franco-Italian romantic drama film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci which portrays a recent American widower who begins an anonymous sexual relationship with a young,betrothed Parisian woman.
Gia [Angelina Jolie]
Gia is a famous movie containing Angelina Jolie's UN-simulated Sex Scenes.Her title role as the tragic Wilhelmina agency top model Gia Carangi who got hooked on heroin and died from AIDS at the age of 26 allows fans of Angelina and appreciators of beautiful woman everywhere to enjoy her when she was at her juiciest and most beguiling,fully nude and oozing sensuality.
American Psycho
It’s a great movie, but it’s got uncomfortable scenes involving prostitutes and Christian Bale flexing and pointing at himself in the mirror while he’s,uh,on the job.And we don’t mean the investment banking one.Now if you’ll excuse us,we have to return some videotapes.
Mulholland Drive
Have you ever done this before?” Up until that moment,Mulholland Drive is fairly typical David Lynch — that is to say,totally bonkers and intensely creepy and utterly inexplicable.Nothing comes before the love scenes between Naomi Watts and Laura Herring.
Body Heat
Body heat is one of greatest sex movies ever.This noirish thriller stars a deliciously young Kathleen Turner and William Hurt in a passionate affair that turns murderous.Florida during a heat wave is the steamy playground for this sultry drama.
Basic Instinct
Even though “Basic Instinct” is known for its eroticism,it was also a popular,mainstream,Oscar-nominated movie, which means there’s a chance it could find its way onto the family TV without anyone knowing what they’re getting into.Sharon Stone’s character is a bisexual sexpot,and the entire movie is tryst after tryst.
The Dreamers
A friend called Bernardo Bertolucci’s 2003 effort “Viagra on film,” and he may have summed it up better than I can:a pre-Casino Royale Eva Green,a pre-Boardwalk Empire Michael Pitt,and Louis Garrel enact a love triangle in Paris circa 1968,and their encounters were heated enough to land the film an NC-17 rating upon its initial release.
Henry & June
This movie is Based on the lives of writer Henry Miller;his wife,femme fatale June;and Anais Nin of diary fame,this picture paints 1930s Paris in beguiling colors.The photography is gorgeous,sometimes explicit,with erotically charged moments shot in front of mirrors and many quotable observations on love and sex that will please literary minds.
Boogie Nights
This entire movie is pretty damn uncomfortable to watch with your parents due to its Real Sex scenes,but Mark Wahlberg uncoiling his prosthetic member and telling himself he’s a superstar is the icing on

Sexiest Shapes Of Women

Everyone likes to see the Sexiest Shapes of Women.A survey, for the Vitality Show at London's Earls Court, has divided women's body types into six distinct categories.Take a look on these Sexiest Women shapes around the world.Nothing sexier or more mesmerizing than a woman who doesn't just own her body.Now we are talking a sexy female body shape.Although we have to say that we love the idea of a little ab definition such as the stomach of Chery.Check these Sexiest Shapes of Women body.
Butternut Squash
One in five women is shaped like butternut squash which are rated as the sexiest women around.It means that their bust and hip sizes are the same but the waist is smaller by about 10 inches. Examples of this shape are Kelly Brook and 'Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks.
Experts also found one in four British women are carrot-shaped. Hollywood A-listers Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman fall under the carrot category with bust and hips wider than the waist but only by about 6-8 inches.
Big-hipped aubergines scored less than six per cent. Clare Richards from Steps and Adele are aubergine-shaped as their bust is the smallest measurement and hips the largest. The waist size lies between the two.
18 per cent are apples.Singers Jennifer Hudson and Kerry Katona are a typical apple shape.The waist is equal to or larger than the hips and bust and there is only 2-4 inches difference between all three.
Busty broccolis scored less than six per cent.Lindsay Lohan and TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson are broccolis wherein the bust is the widest part and hips and waist are about the same size.
Pears [Hottest Women]
Pears body is rated as the Hottest women body.23 per cent are pears.Pear shaped women have a waist that is at least 10 inches smaller than their hips but the bust isn''t as large as the bum.Famous pears are Jennifer Lopez or 'Sex and the City' star Kristin Davis.