Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sexiest Shapes Of Women

Everyone likes to see the Sexiest Shapes of Women.A survey, for the Vitality Show at London's Earls Court, has divided women's body types into six distinct categories.Take a look on these Sexiest Women shapes around the world.Nothing sexier or more mesmerizing than a woman who doesn't just own her body.Now we are talking a sexy female body shape.Although we have to say that we love the idea of a little ab definition such as the stomach of Chery.Check these Sexiest Shapes of Women body.
Butternut Squash
One in five women is shaped like butternut squash which are rated as the sexiest women around.It means that their bust and hip sizes are the same but the waist is smaller by about 10 inches. Examples of this shape are Kelly Brook and 'Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks.
Experts also found one in four British women are carrot-shaped. Hollywood A-listers Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman fall under the carrot category with bust and hips wider than the waist but only by about 6-8 inches.
Big-hipped aubergines scored less than six per cent. Clare Richards from Steps and Adele are aubergine-shaped as their bust is the smallest measurement and hips the largest. The waist size lies between the two.
18 per cent are apples.Singers Jennifer Hudson and Kerry Katona are a typical apple shape.The waist is equal to or larger than the hips and bust and there is only 2-4 inches difference between all three.
Busty broccolis scored less than six per cent.Lindsay Lohan and TV presenter Ulrika Jonsson are broccolis wherein the bust is the widest part and hips and waist are about the same size.
Pears [Hottest Women]
Pears body is rated as the Hottest women body.23 per cent are pears.Pear shaped women have a waist that is at least 10 inches smaller than their hips but the bust isn''t as large as the bum.Famous pears are Jennifer Lopez or 'Sex and the City' star Kristin Davis.

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