Monday, December 24, 2012

Top Ten Android Apps This week

Here is a list of Top Ten Android Apps which are Most popular this week.Android is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.Read on for the Top Ten most popular Android apps among your peers from last week.

Last week's most popular app was Black Google,which promises to extend battery life.In theory,this app should consume less power on devices with AMOLED displays,but we can’t say for sure how much it actually helps.The app has better than average reviews,but it hasn’t been updated since May.
If you like to customize your home screen,check out Zooper Widget for an easy way to customize your own stylish widgets.This free tool includes sample templates and custom fonts to get you started,but the possibilities are endless.
Wacom just released a new Android app designed for the Galaxy Note,Note II and Galaxy S III that allows you to sketch notes in a paper-like digital notebook.The early reviews are mixed,but this is only the first release.We expect them to improve the experience.
Also new to Android was Dragon Mobile Assistant from Nuance Communications.This hands free app includes a new Driver Mode that lets you wake up your device by saying “Hi Dragon” and then issue it commands.Early reviews are mixed,but keep in mind this is a beta release.
Crackle continues to be popular as it offers tons of Hollywood movies and TV shows for free.They recently launched a new version that includes a re-designed user interface,support for more devices and the ability to watch content on your TV via HDMI out.
Wrike is an existing project management service that just launched a new Android app.While the app is free to use, it requires a paid Wrike membership.If you are looking for a free alternative to organize things,you might want to explore Trello.It is worth to be included in Top Ten apps list.
Last week’s most popular game was Skyriders,a high-speed racing game with some platform elements thrown in.This title is free to play.I enjoyed it for a couple minutes,but I soon grew bored.It might be fun to play some more, but there was nothing too compelling that makes me want to come back.
Park Me Right helps you find the closest parking lot and your way back to your car by using augmented reality.The app has been out a couple months and it has good reviews,but it is not very well known yet.This might be a good app to have if you live in a large metro area and you are always looking for places to park.
From the creators of Zombie Smash,comes a new game that mixes Zombies and Fruit Ninja.Zombie Swipeout looks like it could be a fun game,but this first release is filled with bugs and sluggish responses.Zynga continues to push out new updates,so expect this one to get better.
I downloaded Royal Revolt after watching the preview video,and I was surprised at how well this game played.It offers a new take on tower offense games,and it had enough gameplay experiences to keep my attention.The game is simple to pick up and play,and the difficulty ramps up as you start to learn all the different play styles and strategies.
Stay updated with the latest Top Ten everyday.We hope you have liked these Top Ten Most Popular Android Apps of this week.

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