Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Top Ten Ways To Impress Your Boss

Your impression on your Boss is always important.Here are the Top Ten ways To Impress Your Boss.Using These tricks,you can create a good and lasting impression on your job place and your Boss.Nothing special is needed to represent your personality on Job,Just follow these simple methods of Job and get a nice going.The Top Ten ways to impress your Boss are simple tricks which you can use without any specialty required.Your boss is the person with the greatest potential to improve your work life,since he or she has the most direct control over your day-to-day activities.You can improve your current job (such as being the right-hand man or the guy who gets the best assignments);or 2) You can be transferred into a new,better job.Both of these moves are handled by your boss.Check these Top Ten Ways here.


1.Complete the tasks everyone forgets.
There are little things in every workplace that everybody forgets,from specific work processes that get overlooked to maintenance issues like turning the fans off while leaving.We're not saying you should be the one who cleans up the coffee station every morning,but you can pitch in and take some pride in your work area.Looking for an easy way to implement this?Learn how to unjam the copy machine.Check out the steps online,and next time you head over to the machine and discover that one of your coworkers has thoughtfully jammed it in zones A,B and C without clearing it,you can roll up your sleeves and solve it.It won't take long for this type of etiquette to be noticed.Try to learn things at your own.

2.Take the initiative
According to human engineering,there are 98% of people who are passive in this world with only 2% are active.Always try to touch the active side by taking the initiatives.most people in the workplace don't struggle to get their work done,they struggle for recognition and new challenges.If you see a new project,go after it.If you see something that needs doing,do it.The higher you go in a company,the more you're steering the company,and that means taking risks.Fortune favors the brave.

3.Work hard to help others
Everyone knows that there is incredible value in hard work.But when you work hard to help other people,that value is multiplied.If you make it one of your goals to help others achieve their goals,you’ll go through life being recognized as a great worker,but more importantly,you’ll also be seen as someone who cares about others.This will do wonders for your own attitude and personal satisfaction,but in addition to that,it will cause people to think of you first when they want to work with someone.Your Boss will automatically be impressed by this habit.

4.Speak your mind
If you’re always honest,you shouldn’t have much of a problem speaking your mind when the situation warrants.This doesn’t mean you have to talk all the time (I’m one of the quieter guys in most of my meetings) . . .you have to determine when it’s important to talk,and when it’s okay to stay quiet.But if you’re always honest,people will know that when you do speak,you mean what you say.

5.Have an informed opinion
This is pretty straightforward.Know the state of your division and know the state of the marketplace you work in. Then,develop an opinion about how to improve--realistic ways your team could try something new.Having an opinion is the most common thing in the world in business,but having an informed opinion is depressingly rare.If you take the time to develop a viewpoint,you should also share it when it's appropriate.A great way to share your opinion with your boss?When you're having a one-on-one discussion about something,say these magic words:“I disagree.”Politely and sincerely present the information you have and your interpretation of how your company could act on it.

6.Keep yourself Well Dressed.
You know the old adage,“Dress for the job you want,not the job you have”? No?Well,learn it well.Look at what the boys on the next rung of the ladder are wearing,and dress like that.Even if you're not trying to get promoted,but just want to expand the job you have,dressing well and grooming properly is a nice way to do it.You want to give the impression you're pleased to be at work and take it seriously.Wearing a belt that should have been retired years ago just gives the impression that you don't care.If you're clean-shaven,shave daily.If you have facial hair,keep it groomed.

7.Come in early and leave late
Come in early and leave late formula is always very tricky to impress your boss.It's not about how much time I put in at work,it's about the quality of work I do!”That's a valid point.Quality is more important than quantity. Know what else is completely true? As long as the quality's there,the quantity helps too.Nobody's asking you to stay an extra four hours.In fact,don't do that as it can actually make it look like you're falling behind or not managing your time correctly. Instead,look at it from your Boss's perspective:Two employees are due in at 9 a.m.One arrives at 8:40,the other slides in like clockwork at 8:59.The second employee is at work because he “has to be.”He is following the rule,true,but the boss may well assume that if the rule wasn't there he'd be late every day.The first employee,on the other hand,gives the impression that he's excited to be at work and is there to tackle his goals.Not a bad return on 15 minutes of your time.

8.Keep Your Area clean
This one is a bit of a balancing act.Basically,you want your space to look worked in:not too cluttered,but not totally bare.If you have no paper on your desk, it doesn't look like you're working.But if you have no desk visible under all that paper,it doesn't look like you're working either.Why is your work piling up on you like that? We know,we know,you need all that paper. Well,if the stuff you have out is that important,it's worth having it organized and usable.Put your filing cabinet to work or,if it's really bad,look into getting a document scanner and digitizing your files.Lastly,when you leave work for the day,take 60 seconds to spruce up your area.

9.Always be honest
This is the second foundational element.The most valuable resource you have with others is their trust,and it’s much easier to lose than it is to gain.This is a lesson we’ve all learned from childhood on up,yet we continue to tell lies or half-truths to make ourselves look better in certain situations.Don’t do this.Ever.

10.Care about people
I put this one first because it’s the foundation for everything that comes after.Caring about others is an absolute necessity.If you don’t care about them,and you’re only in this for yourself,people will know.They can spot insincerity a mile away.If you’re labeled as insincere,it won’t matter how much you do for everyone; they’ll always be assuming you have an ulterior motive,and you’re just trying to work an angle to come out on top.The only way any of this will work in the long run is if you are truly interested in seeing other people succeed,and you do your best to help them along the way.These Top Ten Ways To Impress Your Boss are tricks which can help you in getting at the Top of your job.

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